Sell My Gladstone House Fast

Inherit a House in Gladstone – Don’t Get Screwed

Inherited a House in Gladstone?  Do you understand the process of administering the estate and dealing with the property? What is the Probate Process for dealing with an inherited home?  It’s the legal process by which the estate is closed out, assets are sold or transferred and the bills of the estate are paid.  It’s … Continued

Time to Move to Assisted Living

Is It Time to Sell and Move to Assisted Living? 3 Signs It Is

(Guest Video Blog Above from Gene Guarino and the Residential Assisted Living Academy) In today’s guest blog, Gene Guarino shares the 3 Main Signs it’s Time to Move to Assisted Living Number 1:  Some Triggering Event Maybe they fell and the doctors say they could fall again and if they do, who’s going to be … Continued

senior care resources kansas city

Senior Care Resources

Because many of our sellers have a ton of items on their plate when trying to help their loved ones, we wanted to share some resources on Elder Care here in the Kansas City metro area. AARP Enhances the quality of life as we age.  We champion positive social change and deliver value through advocacy, … Continued

Condo Sold for Cash in Overland Park

Sold Fast: 10120 W 96th St, #F, Overland Park, KS

10120 W 96th St #F, Overland Park Bedrooms:  2 Bathrooms:  2 Square Foot:  1168 Year Built:  1970 This is a home that Scott Tucker with purchased as Gregory Boulevard Investments. in September of 2018. Sold Fast Story:  The seller called us with information to sell his mother’s condo.  She had recently passed, they had … Continued

Sell Your Home Fast when Moving to assisted Living

When It’s Time for Assisted Living And You Need to Have the Talk

(Guest Video Blog Above from Gene Guarino and the Residential Assisted Living Academy) Is it time for the  “You Need Assistance Talk” with your parent? It ‘s very important to have this conversation with your parents when it’s time for them to get assistance in their living.  Possibly that would be living with you or into … Continued