Converting Your Promissory Note into Cash in Kansas City

If you’re thinking about selling your promissory note – that is, converting your promissory note into cash in Kansas City, you need to be aware of some of the steps involved. Otherwise, the process can easily become confusing and overwhelming. The tasks and tips laid out here apply to real estate notes, land notes, mobile … Continued

Step By Step Guide To Selling Your Mortgage Note in Kansas City

Usually, private mortgage holders sell their note in order to deal with urgent financial needs that require a large sum of money. The reasons include paying off debt, taking care of medical bills, paying college tuition, paying legal fees, and so on. There are, in fact, no restrictions on how you can spend the money … Continued

What is A Mortgage Note and How To Sell Yours in Kansas City

A mortgage note is actually two things (1) a promissory note or a promise to pay and (2) a security agreement such as a mortgage in Kansas or a Deed of Trust in Missouri that is recorded in the public record.  The security agreement spells out how the lender can regain control of the collateral,  … Continued