Condo Sold for Cash in Overland Park

Sold Fast: 10120 W 96th St, #F, Overland Park, KS

10120 W 96th St #F, Overland Park Bedrooms:  2 Bathrooms:  2 Square Foot:  1168 Year Built:  1970 This is a home that Scott Tucker with purchased as Gregory Boulevard Investments. in September of 2018. Sold Fast Story:  The seller called us with information to sell his mother’s condo.  She had recently passed, they had … Continued

Red Bridge Fix & Flip

Sold Fast in Red Bridge: 2018 Fixer Upper

This one SOLD FAST in Red Bridge. This is a great Red Bridge home from a repeat home seller.  We had purchased another home from this seller several years earlier when she inherited this home and moved in.  At the time she called us on this house, she had moved out due to several large … Continued

Home we purchased on East 78th Street in Kansas City Missouri

This cute little ranch home was one we purchased in 2004. This home was a bank owned home that had been a rental property.  It had been someone maintained, but needed a new furnace, upgraded electrical, fresh paint, and new flooring. Plus in the bathroom, we made added a shower insert to make the shower … Continued

East 76th Street, Kansas City Missouri

The Brick Kitchen in Kansas City Missouri

This was a cute little 3 bedroom 1 bath ranch just off Gregory and 76th Street in Kansas City Missouri. For us it was a fairly simple fresh paint and carpet.  The hard things to deal with were the massive bow in the concrete block foundation, which required a few beams to hold it up … Continued

Sold Fast: 1101 Park Ave, Kansas City, Missouri 64127

1101 Park Ave, Kansas City Missouri Bedrooms:  6 + Bathrooms:  1+ Square Foot:  3460 Year Built:  1905 This is a home that Don and Kim with purchased as Tucker One Properties, Inc. back in June 0f 2003. Sold Fast Story:  As leaders of our local Real Estate Investor Association, one of the newer members … Continued