Sell My Overland Park House Fast

Need Help with an Abandoned House in your Neighborhood?

First, Let’s Define “Abandoned House” A house can become abandoned for a varity of reasons, the most common is when a seller moves out because of financial or legal reasons like pending foreclsoure or legal reasons. In the Great Recession a few years ago, many moved out of homes they assumed were being foreclosed only … Continued

How To Sell Your House Fast in Raytown and Buy a New Home At A Lower Interest Rate

4 Ways to Sell Your House in Gladstone

Did you know as a seller you have several options available as the method you select to sell your home? This decision could mean the difference between your home lingering months on the market and becoming less and less attractive to buyers, all the while losing your money as each day passes. While the days … Continued

Home Repair and upgrades to avoid when getting ready to sell a house.

Upgrades to Avoid: What Will Turn OFF Buyers in Belton!

Are you considering selling your home in Belton? If so, you might be thinking about making a few repairs and upgrades before you list it. Some changes can be lucrative, paying off in the long run. However, not all upgrades are created equal. We will let you know which upgrades to avoid! Updating and beautifying … Continued

Expensive Home Repairs

Expensive Home Repairs – You Don’t Have to Do Them!

Unless you own a brand new home, and even then you may end up facing some expensive home repairs in Kansas City. We speak with a lot of sellers that have estimates to replace a roof, or as in the case of the photo above, repair massive cracks in the foundation that just don’t have … Continued