Who is Kim Tucker

Who is Kim Tucker, Senior Transition Specialist?

I am Kim Tucker, a home buyer with kcmoHomebuyer. I am also a Mom’s House, Certified Senior Transition Specialist. And I reach out to home sellers that are referred to me through the Mom’s House Referral Network. These are home sellers who might have submitted their information somewhere about a house situation in the Kansas City area and through the referral process, it ended up on my desk.

Because some people are not going to remember submitting that info. Or might wonder who I am and what I do, I have created the video below to explain.

We Buy Houses in KC, Get an Accurate Offer!

We were browsing the websites of some of our competitors who claim that “We Buy Houses in KC.” We were struck by several that are offering almost instant offers or those that take their time and make an offer in “Just 10 Minutes!” Amazing Would like an offer in just 10 Minutes? We can do … Continued

Foundation Repair – When You Have a Broken Basement

Do you have a broken basement that looks similar to the one in the photo above? We are going to attempt to describe how scary this looked before we spent considerable money on a foundation repair. Signs of a Bad Foundation When we first visited this house in Independence, we knew the foundation was not … Continued

Expensive Home Repairs

Expensive Home Repairs – You Don’t Have to Do Them!

Unless you own a brand new home, and even then you may end up facing some expensive home repairs in Kansas City. We speak with a lot of sellers that have estimates to replace a roof, or as in the case of the photo above, repair massive cracks in the foundation that just don’t have … Continued

Companies That Buy Houses in Kansas City

Are you considering selling your home and looking at not only Realtors who might list your home for sale but considering companies that buy houses in Kansas City as well? We have written quite a few blogs on the various options for selling a home from listing with a real estate agent to selling to … Continued

Real Estate Contracts, A Guide to What Real Estate Investor Buyers Offer

Our Guide to Real Estate Contracts

As a real estate investor, when there is a deal at hand, there is going to be a contract involved as you just can’t sell a house with a handshake and a nod. While real estate contracts may seem intimidating, taking the time to familiarize yourself with the terminology you’ll encounter is well worth the … Continued

Graphic comparing investor buyers, depicted by and apple and an organge.

Not all Investor Buyers are Created Equal

You are a motivated seller and you need to sell your Kansas City Metro Area Property. You may have a selling motivation that puts you on a list somewhere, like evicting tenants, code violations, out-of-state owners, inherited property, etc.  If you are on a list somewhere, you probably will be receiving a bunch of automated … Continued

5 Estate Sale Tips for Property Owners

Do you represent an estate that needs to decide if you should hold an estate sale? You need to liquidate everything – the house and the contents? When to Have an Estate Sale While typically held after a loved one has passed, estate sales may be helpful when going through a divorce or other personal … Continued