Senior Transition Specialist in the KC Metro

Senior Transition Specialist Designation Trusted Senior Transition Specialists are advocates for seniors and specialize in helping families transition their aging loved ones into senior care. We eliminate the stress of making the house ready for sale. Offered by Mom’s House, the 3-day training class took us through formal training on things we had to face … Continued

Why isn't my house selling?

4 Ways To Deal With A Frustrating Tenant In Blue Springs

Are you a landlord with frustrating tenants? You’re not alone. Many landlords find out the hard way that they have frustrating tenants in one of their rental properties. In this article, we’re sharing 4 ways to deal with a frustrating tenant in Blue Springs and in the 64114 zip code. If you own a rental … Continued

5 Downfalls of Inheriting a House in Kansas City

Often, homeowners leave their house to beloved family or friends with the best intentions. Other times, the house gets left to whoever the court says gets it. While it may seem like a windfall when you find out that someone has inherited property, the realities are not always so wonderful. It can be beneficial to … Continued

Brookside Home Sold Fast

What Does it Mean to Have a Distressed Property in Kansas City?

Distressed property may be a property that is either in an advanced state of disrepair, which is obvious, and may also have landscaping that has grown wild and is potentially damaging structures or the foundation or facing an impending foreclosure procedure. Although listing and selling your home is a complicated and stressful process during the … Continued

5 Things You Should Know About Lees Summit FSBO Property Listings

FSBO property listings are one option for homeowners in Lees Summit. “Let’s sell it ourselves and save all of those real estate agent commission fees for ourselves!” Sounds great, right? When it comes to FSBO listings for sale by owner, going it alone isn’t always the right move. The process of selling a home is … Continued

Sell My Overland Park House Fast

How to Sell Your Independence House if You Have Bad Neighbors

Despite the home of your dreams being in the most picture-perfect neighborhood, a bad neighbor can make selling your home difficult. We will explore how to sell your Independence house if you have bad neighbors.  Disclose In real estate transactions, you must practice full disclosure, but just what you must disclose about bad neighbors is … Continued

Did you get a We Buy Houses Postcard or Mailing

Why oh Why Do I Receive so Many We Buy Houses Postcards? Does it seem like every day you are receiving a postcard or letter in the mail from all kinds of people who want to buy your house? And you are wondering why you are getting so many mailings and how your personal name … Continued

We Buy Houses Kansas City

We Buy Houses Signs You drive down the street and you see signs that shout “We Buy Houses!” They might be on a giant Bill Board in which case, more often than not, it might include the word “UGLY” or here in Kansas City “MAX”. Then again they might be on a little yellow sign … Continued

Why kcmoHomeBuyer is Buying Homes in Grandview

When making choices that significantly affect our finances and personal life, it’s helpful to understand the motivation of someone you are working with to achieve a goal. Knowing why someone does the things they do on your behalf can help you make the best decision. Read on to find out why kcmoHomeBuyer is buying homes … Continued

How to Sell Your Gladstone House in a Hot Market

It’s no secret that it is a hot market right now in the real estate world. Low housing inventory and high demand should mean that your home would sell quickly. But as interest rates rise, we are seeing price reductions and houses taking a bit longer to sell, but they are still selling. This leads … Continued