Need Help with an Abandoned House in your Neighborhood?

First, Let’s Define “Abandoned House” A house can become abandoned for a varity of reasons, the most common is when a seller moves out because of financial or legal reasons like pending foreclsoure or legal reasons. In the Great Recession a few years ago, many moved out of homes they assumed were being foreclosed only … Continued


Buy My House For Cash In Independence

One question we get all of the time here at kcmoHomeBuyer about our local Independence house buying program is, “Can you buy my house for cash in Independence, or do I have to wait for a buyer to get a bank loan?“. Great question and totally valid. Our Cash for Houses Program in Parkville 95% … Continued


What You Should Know About Real Estate Trusts in Parkville

Preparing for when a loved one passes will allow you to endure the loss without adding the stress and pressures of dealing with all of the details of an estate. Taking action by preplanning for the distribution of an estate allows peace to those you love who will be grieving and allows you peace of … Continued


How to Sell My House Fast

Listing for Sale with a Real Estate Agent We are not going to lie, to maximize the sale price of your home, working with a knowledgable real estate agent is the best course of action. A good agent should offer you tips for making your home look its best, offer referrals to contractors, and overall … Continued

Home Inspection Points to Selling My Home As Is

5 Signs You Should Sell Your House As-Is in Overland Park

Sell your house as-is! While you may typically think of a home in a dire state of disrepair, there are many reasons that homeowners are choosing to take the fast lane to sold. One of the top benefits of selling as-is is that no matter what condition your home is in, you can simply walk … Continued