4 Things To Ask Local Home Buyers in Kansas City

All of the processes involved in selling a home can be confusing and costly, especially considering there are no guarantees your home will sell. Using a seasoned professional can make the entire process simple and straightforward and quick! 

It can be quite a letdown to have spent time, money and energy working with buyers, only to find they’ve been wasting your time. When working with home buyers, it’s important to understand that not all companies are the same. There are 4 things to ask local home buyers in Kansas City to feel more confident in the transaction. 

We’ll cover why it’s important to ask local home buyers in Kansas City their experience level, how long they’ve been in the business, how many deals they’ve done and any other factors they can share about their company. We invite you to ask us these 4 questions,  as our reputation will prove, you’ll be glad you called kcmoHomeBuyer.

How long have you been in business?

Being in business over a long time period often means a company has built an outstanding reputation in Kansas City metro area by proving over time that they are financially stable and trustworthy. It’s important that the company you entrust is capable of taking title to your home as well as having the financial ability to pay off the mortgage.

Disreputable companies may offer a higher price in a seemingly quick time frame only to ghost you and then start changing the numbers and closing date on you at the last minute. Reliable home buyers in Kansas City should be able to provide referrals, not only from past sellers but from all the tradespeople they use. If they are not on top of things and keeping their contractors and title companies paid, they just might flake on you too.

By the way we’ve been doing this since 2000. Between Don, Kim and Scott we have over 49 years of experience.

 Do You Pay Closing Costs?

There are 100’s of investors out there and all the marketing that comes prepackaged from websites, to letters, to postcards all state “We Pay all Closing Costs”. Here at kcmoHomeBuyer, we work very hard to remove all of that and instead we let the seller pay their closing costs and we pay our own.

Here’s why. Many of our competitors advertise they pay all closing costs. But not all sellers really know what that closing costs are actually the owners title policy that a seller usually provides, a fee to for the closing to the title company for doing all the papework, and then a few other minor fees. There are a lot of other fees that are not “closing costs” officially and that all buyers expect the seller to pay like back taxes, home owner associate fee dues, loans, judgments and other liens. So instead, we say we don’t pay closing costs, unless the seller asks. And when the seller asks, that allows us to sit down and figure out just what exactly all those costs and fees are and determine with the seller the best way to make sure they get paid rather than just saying sure we pay closing costs and then the seller getting to the closing table with $10,000 in fees they were not expecting.

Do we pay closing costs – sometimes, after we have a discussion with the seller and determine what they are going to be, we can negotiate them into the sales price.

Are you actually going to buy my house?

Some investor buyers have access to their own cash and also have a line up of private investors who also bring their own cash that let that investor buyer your house, at the contracted price on the day of your choice. We here at kcmoHomeBuyer are one of this kind of investor buyer. When we write a contract that says we will buy your house on a specific date for a specific price, rest assured you will sell your houes on that date and get your price. Unless of course problems with title arise that must be resolved, or maybe if a unforseen pandemic pops up and we have to reasses.

Some investor buyers also have a practice of getting a house under contract for a specific price and closing date, and between the day of contract signing and the day of closing these investors may market your house for sale to other investors. They might send out a few emails, they might post it on social media, they might make a few phone calls.

Either way is perfectly fine. We usually pay cash, but from time to time, we do market a house to our investor friends to see if they would want to buy it instead of us. We buy it or they buy it on the date on the contract and you get your price. When we have a house under contract that is just a bit bigger project that we are willing to tackle or we might have a lot of house in inventory and we just don’t want to bring in any more private partners, that’s when we might try to find a secondary buyer.

Many of our competitors will try to hide that fact, we will be right upfront and tell you. I mean, do we want to get caught looking bad when you find pictures of your house on Facebook and wonder what’s going on? Or do we want to be upfront? For this reason, we always advise sellers who might be considering another offer to ask the simple question are you buying our house or are you assigning or wholesaling our house.

Again either is fine, although some of the newer investors out there might not be quite as proficient at estimating value and repairs and they might commit to a higher price and their only way to buy your house is to actually sell it to someone else. If they can’t find someone else, then they either just don’t show up at closing or they try to change the price at the last minute.

Will we be buying your house? Ninety percent of the time we are planning on buying it with our funds or our private lenders funds. A small ten percent of the time, we might market our contract to a few of our investor friends, and rest assured if this is the case we will let you know or even offer up the option of listing the house for sale as a Realtor, so if we get more out of the house than we expect, so do you.

 If you make an offer on my house, can I sleep on it.

 I look at a lot of reviews of my competitors online and it seems that many of them use the high pressure sales tactic that you have to make a decision right now. If you don’t take their offer by 5pm, some how, suddenly they will no longer want it. RIGHT!!

So, if you are getting this high pressure to sign, and sign right now. Step back. Ask them if you can have a couple of days to sleep on it. Can you take their written contract to your attorney to review. If they start getting nervous and putting on the pressure back away. Here at kcmoHomeBuyer, when we make you an offer, rest assured we want to buy your house today, tomorrow or next month. You can have all the time you want to make a decision, although we might put an expire date on the contract of 5 to 10 days, just so if something major were to happen between now and 10 days from now, we could revisit the price.

What’s something major? Maybe a Pandemic being declared. Or the stock market crash of 2008. Or maybe a tornado came through like it did in Joplin a few years ago and wiped out entire city blocks. Or it might be 2 years from now and we just want the opportunity to look at the house again and double check our numbers. And yes, we had a seller where we made her an offer and she just vanished, she would not return our emails and she changed her phone number. She called us 2 years later to ask if our offer was still good, and after walking through her house, we determined it was. We made a new contract and closed a few days later.

And you better believe we will let you sleep on it. Have your son, daughter, mother, father, friend or attorney review our contract. And if they don’t like any part of our contract we can discuss it. Usually we just take it out or we change it so it works for everyone.

Please, save yourself the headache of selling your own home by using kcmoHomeBuyer. Not to mention the emotional strain that selling on your own can bring. We’re looking for a win/win situation for both of us. As the best in the business, you can be certain to save time, and money by selling to us as here at kcmoHomeBuyer in Kansas City. We do have a lot of great competitors out there, don’t get me wrong. But there are also a lot of shady characters out there too. So ask questions. Be an informed seller. And definitely sleep on it.

Call us here at kcmoHomeBuyer or send us a message to discuss the things to ask local home buyers in Kansas City! (816) 408-3600

If you need to sell, no matter the situation, please, don’t hesitate to call.

I was in a probate/estate sale situation. My father passed away with no will. I had to go to court just to be named the administrator. I didn’t know what to do or who to call. I heard about KcmoHomebuyer and gave them a call. I met Scott at my father’s house. He was very, very sincere and helpful. I was pleased with his offer and as they say, the rest is history. If you need to sell, no matter the situation, please, don’t hesitate to call Scott at KcmoHomebuyer. You will not regret it. Thank you so much, Scott!!

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Kim Tucker

Kim Tucker along with her husband Don and son Scott make up the core kcmoHomeBuyer Team that has been buying homes across the Kansas City Metro since 2000.