5 Mistakes To Avoid When Downsizing Your Home in Belton

Are you ready to start downsizing your home in Belton? At kcmoHomeBuyer, we know all about it! Not only have we downsized our own homes several times, but we buy a lot of houses with all the contents and we have to figure out the best way to get it emptied without throwing everything in a dumpster.

Today we wanted to share a few of our tips to help you with the clean out of your own home or to help if you are selling an inherited house. And if you would rather just leave the work to us, reach out and let us know. We are buying properties across the metro, cleaned out or fully loaded and we will also deal with all the necessary repairs and upgrades needed.

They say that what’s around you is a representation of your mental state. Many people find that downsizing helps them eliminate clutter, making it easier to focus on what’s important. When we went from a 4 bedroom house, to a 2 bedroom house, to a tiny condo, each step required us to eliminate a bit more. So, whether you just want to eliminate clutter or you are looking to downsize your house in Belton for something smaller, there are some mistakes you will want to avoid. Keep reading to learn more about our tips for downsizing and what the team at kcmoHomeBuyer can do to help you!

Mistake 1 – Not Having a Plan

Before you start tearing the house apart, determine how you want to approach things. Are you going to go through one room at a time? Closets first? Kids toys? Or maybe you’ll group like things, deciding what to toss later. A good idea is to begin by creating piles. One can be stuff you want to throw away, another for stuff you want to donate, the next for things you aren’t sure about, and finally a pile for the things you know you want to keep. People organize themselves differently, how ever you decide to do it, make sure you have a plan so you don’t get overwhelmed.

For our latest house we cleaned out, we first tackled the big items that we wanted out of the way that we thought would be of use to a few other people. We took photos and marketed on Facebook Market Place. That brought in some cash from the sales of items and gave us a bit more room to work.

Mistake 2 – Throwing Away The Wrong Things

Once you start seeing things disappear, you may feel a sense of relief. It can be easy to get carried away, throwing away things you probably shouldn’t. Try to be mindful of your actions when throwing stuff in the trash. Is there a chance you or someone in your family will need it at al later date? If you are dealing with old paperwork, for example, you could opt to scan and save before throwing it in the trash. When in doubt, ts better err on the side of caution instead of setting yourself up for regret down the road.

Here you might want to take a look at a few things and reach out to family and friends to see if they might have need of the items. Be sure to take a look in things to see what you might be leaving behind. From time to time we have a family leave behind important papers that they probably should have either taken with them or had scanned into a digital form and destroyed. Either way, they were probably not items that really should have been left for strangers.

Mistake 3 – Not Throwing Away Enough

For many people, getting rid of things can be hard. Often times, the items can be tied to a particular person or memory, and giving it up may feel impossible. When deciding what to get rid of, try to be methodical about it. For example, with clothing, if it something you haven’t worn in ages, donate it. It will get better use somewhere else than taking up room in your closet. While you don’t have to throw away everything you own, you don’t need to hold on to all of it either. Remind yourself that it is just stuff, and you will feel better once all of the unneeded clutter is gone.

This is espeically true of keepsakes from your kids or by your kids. Sometimes we run across the box of all the papers and pictures that small children have made 50 years ago and other times we find the stuff that Mom and Dad are storing for their kids until the kids have space in their own homes, often times for years and years, even after their kids are having kids of their own. Think about it, do you have stuff stored in your parents home? It might be time to go get it.

To make it easier, if there are things you’d like to keep but know you probably shouldn’t, you can take a picture so that the memory is never lost. This is great for kids projects, souvenirs, and other sentimental items that you can’t bear to part with but you know are taking up too much space. Consider creating a digital photo album, so you can look back on your fond memories whenever you choose.

Mistake 4 – Not Doing It Sooner

Imagine what your life would be like with fewer items, a smaller house, and less to maintain. Once you simplify your life, you will wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner. You will have less stress, while saving both your time and money. If you have found yourself living in a house that no longer meets your need, that is too large, or that is packed with too much stuff, downsizing is the answer.

I know for us, when we started cleaning out the house to get it ready to sell, we got rid of a lot of stuff. I thought how could we have ever parted with it. Some things we boxed up to deal with later and when we moved into a bit bigger home and unpacked them, five years later, we had no idea why we had packed them up or kept them or paid to have them stored as they were of no earthy used to us any more.

Mistake 5 – Trying To Do It Alone

If you are dealing with years with of accumulated possessions, the thought of downsizing can be overwhelming. If the process is too much for you, you can hire a professional organizer to help or at least get you started. If you wish to sell the house, working with a direct buyer such as kcmoHomeBuyer will enable you to sell your house as-is, no matter what you want to leave behind. This allows you to focus on keeping the things you really want without having to deal with all of the rest.

I highly recommend if you have an elderly loved one, to reach out and see if you might help them through the clean out process now, giving you a reason to spend time with them and letting them relive memories. It’s much more fun now that it will be years from now in the future after they pass. And if you are facing cleaning out the house of a loved one, reach out to friends and family so you can do it together.

Downsizing your home in Belton will offer you a number of great benefits. We are always prepared to answer all of your questions about the process while providing you with options to make it easier to downsize your house in Belton! And if you are faced with cleaning out an inherited home, we can offer tips on that as well. And remember, if you just don’t want to deal with it, you just want to sell the property as is and let someone else deal with the stuff, we can do that too.

Are you thinking about downsizing your home in Belton? Find out how our team can help you! Reach out to us today to learn more about what we can offer! (816) 408-3600


not pressuring me into (selling to) you was refreshing. Especially, since I felt this pressure from other potential buyers. Sometimes they make you feel that because they drive to your house to look at it then they are doing you a favor and you owe them the business. I never felt this pressure from KCMOHB. 

Jim from Belton

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