Are Cash Home Buyers Still Buying Houses in Kansas City During Stay at Home Orders?

It’s been about 30 days or so since the first stay at home orders were issued in the Kansas City Metro.  We live in Kansas City Missouri and in Blue Springs Missouri so we have been pretty much sticking to essential business and staying home.

But part of that essential business is the buying, the renovating and the selling of homes.

In the past 30 days, we have had 3 homes we have been working on.

The Full House in Independence, Missouri

This house was an estate.  The family was selling the home and we actually put it under contract before the stay at home order came out.  We bought it just a week or so ago and have been working hard to get it cleaned out.  What we most sellers would normally take care of by having an estate sale or a garage sale and then donating the rest to a thrift store became challenging during the quarantine because estate sales, garage sales, and thrift stores are not essential.  So they left everything for us.

We reached out to our industry contacts and found a landlord who was working to put 3 families from the local battered woman shelter into a new home.  These women had nothing much more than the clothing on their backs and needed everything.  So they came and helped us empty this house to provide much-needed items for these women.

Now we are making repairs to the foundation.

The little house in Independence, Missouri

This house was also an inherited home.  We had sent out letters to a few people holding estate sales in early February and it turns out the owner of this house was someone we actually knew.  We just missed it.  We were able to buy his house and one of our investor partners took it over.  They are currently getting it renovated so they can rent it out.

The Overland Park Ranch

And in early February, we had purchased a little ranch house in Overland Park, Kansas.  The stay at home orders did allow for essential business to continue.  So practicing social distancing and keeping everything clean, our contractors worked throughout March and the first part of April to get this home all updated and we listed it for sale a week or so ago.

So to the question, is buying houses in Kansas City?

Yes, we are buying houses across the metro.  If you are thinking about selling click here to tell us about your house and start the conversation with us about selling.

Is the Tucker Team at kcmoHomeBuyer still buying houses with the Stay at Home Orders in Kansas City?
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