Are you still buying houses? Or Staying Home

We are still actively seeking houses to purchase, but we do have a few adjustments to how we go about doing so.  Right now we are not physically walking through properties as we are practicing social distancing and working virtually.  But we can tour your property virtually, discuss your home  & situation on the phoneBut this does not mean we can not talk over the phone, view your home virtually, and plan for a purchase of your property when things get back to normal.

First, we still need you to tell us about your house.

So, if at all possible, submit it online through our website, we are all working remotely and while phone calls are all supposed to be answered, sometimes the technology does not work and sometimes we are out of there room.  Our online form is available 24-7.

We do ask a lot of questions on the form.  Some will apply to you and some may not.  Answer what you can, the more you can tell us the better prepared we will be to make you an offer.

Second, we need to talk to you about your house and your situation.

For this one of our team will give you a call to chat.  This our opportunity to learn more about your house and your situation as far as conditions and time frames to see if we would be a good fit for your needs.

Third, we need to see your house.

Right now we are viewing houses virtually.  This means we need to see a lot of photos and/or a video walkthrough.  This is where we need a bit of help from you with a virtual tour.  Ideally, you would take your photos and videos and load them into a file online and then send us a link to that file.

Some ideas:

  • You could create a photo album on your Facebook page and share that with us.
  • You could create a file on Dropbox or Google Drive
  • Or you could just email them to us.

Third, we might come view the house.

This is going to depend on quite a few factors.  If the house has been vacant for a while, we might come out to walk through the house.  Exactly how that might work, would be a matter of discussion.  Our thoughts are that we could meet at the house, you in your car and us in ours. You unlock the door to let us in and then wait in your car.  We then walk through, see what we need to see.  Then back to our car.  You lock up and we all go home.

Now if the house is the home you are living in we are going to stick to a virtual tour.

Fourth, we negotiate a sale.

After viewing virtually and or live, we can then make our assessments and formulate an offer.  The offer may be for a future closing date after you have the ability to move out or if it is vacant, it may be for a more immediate closing date. We are learning more about virtual real estate closings.

If we formulate an offer and have not visited in person, the price and terms and closings would be contingent upon a future in-person visit.

Once we have negotiated a price, a future closing and a future physical inspection.  We will work to get the paperwork complete, so that as soon as we are able to view the home and finalize the details, and it is safe for us to do so, we can close.

Will you still be able to close in a week to 10 days?

We are not going to make promises we can’t keep.  While we may be able to view your vacant home and negotiate a price, all the people with in the process of closing are all working virtually and short staffed as well.  So all the processes of getting title work, getting payoffs, signing, and recording may all be delayed.  And of course, if we can’t see it, we can’t close.

The short answer?  Yes we are still talking to sellers about their homes for sale, we are virtually viewing houses, and we are still buying on a case by case basis, but some if not most closings may be put off for a future date.  We can consider your property, but you do need to tell us about it – click here to do so now.

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