Avoid Scams When Selling My House

When Ms Ellis sold us her house she sold when she was ready and we helped her avoid a scam in the process.

There are a lot of shady characters out there. We want to make sure you avoid scams when selling your house. This is what was going on with Ms. Ellis and her house in Kansas City Kansas.

Ms. Ellis wanted to sell her Kansas City Kansas home and move to Nevada.  She wanted to know that her home was sold and that when she was ready, the buyer would close and she would get her money.  She needed time to sell extra belongings.  She needed time to do the clean out all the items she did not want in the house.  She also wanted time to find a new home in Nevada.

We initially put the home under contract to purchase in mid-August.  That was extended to mid-September, then mid-October and we finally purchased in November.  We were not extending because we wanted the house cleaned out as we were happy to take care of what was left behind. But, Ms.  Ellis needed time to go through her things and to say goodbye to her home. Then she was able to go to closing when she was ready.  She had the peace of mind knowing a cash buyer was ready, willing, and able to purchase when she was ready, so she could start her new life in Nevada.

This Transaction Started with a Scam

For our readers, we want to share a word of warning. 

In this transaction there was a shady character, a scammer involved. This unrelated third party reached out to us and informed us that he was helping Ms. Ellis.  What he was helping her with, we were a bit unsure, but we met with Ms. Ellis, looked at her house, and between us we agreed upon a price. Then this guy sent us forms stating he was a “Mortgage Consultant / Debt Management Person” and that he was to be paid about $8,500. But we could not figure out what this fee was for. We didn’t know what a Mortgage Consultant was even after 20 years in the business. Plus, the home was free and clear with no mortgage, so we were a little unsure what mortgage or debt this person was helping with and how he would be legally owed any money.  As we asked more and more questions, he finally disappeared from the picture and Ms. Ellis got to keep an extra $8,500. (Not that we would have let her pay it anyway without a lot more investigation into what it was for, probably why the guy vanished.)

If someone contacts you about helping you to sell your home, there are only TWO PEOPLE who can ever get paid a  fee or a commission.  That would be the licensed Real Estate Agent who lists your home for sale and if the buyer is represented by a Real Estate Agent, that agent would split the commissions.  If anyone else is asking you to pay them a fee to sell their home, they are not legally able to charge a fee or commission.

We were pretty sure this consultant was scamming Ms. Ellis and as many of our sellers are elderly or not educated on real estate sale processes, we want to warn our readers.

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Jim from Belton


not pressuring me into (selling to) you was refreshing. Especially, since I felt this pressure from other potential buyers. Sometimes they make you feel that because they drive to your house to look at it then they are doing you a favor and you owe them the business. I never felt this pressure from KCMOHB. 

– Jim from Belton
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