Cash Home Buyers in Kansas City Celebrate Earth Day All Year

Ok . . . so we are a “Day Late” but as Cash Home Buyers in Kansas City. we are not a “Dollar Short.” We observe Earth Day to the best of our abilities all year with every home we buy across the Kansas City Metro and that starts with recycling as much as we possibly can out of each and every house we buy.

We’ve purchased 100s of Kansas City Metro homes since 2000 and while many have been cleaned out as the previous owner took all of their belongings, sometimes we buy houses in Kansas City where the previous owner left everything behind. Sometimes our owners are getting all new everything. Sometimes they are downsizing into a much smaller home, once that was an RV in the drive waiting for closing day. Other times we are buying a house from a friend or family member who has inherited the home and just does not have the time or sometimes the emotional will power to go through everything.

We wanted to take some time today, on the day AFTER Earth Day 2021, to share some of our tips and tricks to recycling all the stuff that accumulates in a home. That way when you are ready to sell your Kansas City home you have some resources to clean it out and get it ready to sell.

Disposing of Dead Batteries

When we buy a house in Kansas City we often open up a drawer or find a box in the garage full of dead (at least we think they’re deas) batteries. As good citizens we don’t want them going into a landfill, we want to take them to the proper recycling station. You may find that your local Office Max, Office Depot, or Target might accept your dead batteries – AA, AAA, C, D, etc. You can check with  Earth911 or Call2Recycle to see if you can find other locations if needed. If you have batteries other than the customary basic household batteries we also suggest checking out for more resources.

Disposing of Cell Phones

The next thing we find in many of our Kansas City Metro houses is a drawer full of old cell phones. If the cell phone is newer, you might be able to trade it in for a newer model for yourself at the local cell phone store. Or you might be able to sell it on a site like Gazelle. You can also donate working phones to several different charities that will put them back to work with people that need cell phones. And you again might be able to drop off at Target, Best Buy, or even Home Depot.

Old Computers & Laptops

What you do with an old laptop or computer will depend on how old it is and if it works. You may want to find a company that will wipe the memory clean so that it could be donated to a local nonprofit or library. Older ones can be recycled or refurbished. We are partial to Goodwill where you can take all kinds of working and non-working electronics to be recycled. In one house that we purchased in Olathe, we gave Goodwill a workout as they take all kinds of electronics and support machines. This home has no less than 5 home printers and 3 home shredders.

Please note that with both your cell phones and computers that you will want to take steps to remove your data or your loved ones data.

Basket of Wires, Chargers, and Connectors

In one home we purchased in Lee’s Summit, we had a basket of remotes, a basket of chargers, and a basket of assorted wires and connectors. Depending on what it is made of, it may have value. So check with Capital Scrap Metal or InvestmentMine. And if it has no value do a Google Search for STEM, the National Center for Electronics Recycling, or Earth911.


This can get a bit tougher as these are a lot larger and it might be a matter of paying someone to take them. So first, if it is a smart TV, restore it back to factory settings. Gather all the parts. And do a bit of homework. Best Buy is probably our best choice to drop off – up to two TVs per household per day. Some resources say they will take most for free, sometimes free as a trade-in, and other times for a fee. We called up on the of the many Junk Hauler Companies for a big box TV and for $100 they came and took it away.

Household Appliances

When we buy houses in Kansas City that come with all their appliances like washer & dryer, range, fridge, etc, sometimes we clean them up and sell them with the house. Other times we may want to remove them for our renovation work and bring in brand new after, so they have to go.

For you, if the old appliances work, you might just leave them in place and sell them with the house. But if you are going to be getting new appliances, some of the delivery companies will take away the old stuff as part of their delivery charge.

When we are renovating a home, we will often have our clean-out crew remove appliances to the garage and put them on Craigslist or Facebook Market Place. We have even just put them to the curb with a free sign and had them dissappear. And sometimes you can find a scrap metal dealer that might take them for no charge or even pay you a few dollars. We have never had any issue getting rid of old appliances, working or not. Rarely do we have to throw them away as they do have value in scrap metal if nothing else.


Sometimes we talk with Kansas City home sellers who are going to first hold an “Estate Sale” to sell all of the fabulous treasures in the home. But after consulting with several estate sale companies, they often find that Grandma’s Antiques are really just old furniture that for the most part no one wants.

Unless you know it is a priceless antique, you may want to hold that garage sale. You might want to see if an estate sale company might come to purchase all contents for a flat fee. Or you might want to donate to a thrift store. Most thrift stores will pick up furniture and household appliances and other household items if you have them in the garage. Others, if there is enough sellable or donatable items will come to the house, box it all up and haul it all off. It just depends on what you have and what they need.

Linens & Clothing.

Towels and Blankets can always be washed and sold or donated to a thrift store. You could also donate to homeless shelters and the like. Clothing if it is modern could be sold on consignment. But the fastest way we have found to remove clothing, towels, and household linens is to bag them up clean garbage bags, and donate them to Goodwill. There they will sell what they can, donate what they can, and recycle everything else.

Everything Else

Garage Sales: Sometimes we have a few friends that are professional garage sale holders. Not quite the estate sale people and these friends get a weekend to hold a garage sale at our newly purchased house and sell as much as they can. Sometimes they will take a few choice items to sell online.

Estate Sales: there are many companies that will come hold an estate sale at the property. Others will pay you for all contents and take the stuff back to their place of business and sell it there. You get less because they are buying it for one total price and they get more because they can clean it up, sort and organize and sell it in their store.


We also put a ton of stuff in boxes and drop them off at the local Goodwill. As you have read above, they take just about everything, and what they can’t sell, they will recycle.

Building Materials:

If you have not yet found the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in your city, do a bit of research as they can save you a ton of money on brand new building materials and they can take a ton of used stuff like leftover building materials, cabinets, appliances, and furniture.

So there you have it. If you have ever wondered what those “cash home buyers” do with the house when they buy the “whole estate”, now you know. We like to keep as much as possible out of the landfill and recycled in some way. First because its better for the environment and second, because it’s really costly to throw stuff away. Often we save a ton on dumpsters by recycling and sometimes we earn several extra thousand in the sale of choice contents and we alway have a huge stack of donation receipts come tax time.

Now if you are faced with cleaning out a house before you sell it and just don’t have the time, the money, or you just don’t want to deal with it, we would be happy to make you a fair cash offer for the house and all the contents. Just take a minute to call us at (816) 408-3600 and tell us about your house and its contents or fill out one of our simple forms and we will call you.

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Savanah A

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I loved working with Scott and the team at kcmoHomeBuyer. I was downsizing my house and moving to something smaller. Timing was everything and since I am not handy doing all the little things the realtor wanted me to do was not going to happen. They made an acceptable offer for my house, even took the stuff that I could not move to my new place and closed on my schedule so the timing worked out.

~ Savanah A from Gravois Mills, MO

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