Plans for the Kitchen Renovation in Prairie Village

Today on our video series Donald Tucker Rehab in Prairie Village, Don goes over our plans for our Kitchen Renovations. For an unwilling YouTube Star, Don is doing a great job, don’t you think? But in this video he doesn’t give you the whole story on this kitchen and well while it adds nothing in … Continued

Need to Update the Kitchen?

Are you waiting for the time and the money to update the kitchen before you sell your house? Or maybe you just inherited a house and someone told you that you need to update the kitchen first? While you can wait until you have the time and the money to make the needed updates, you … Continued

Can you sell a house that needs a retaining wall?

Do you need to sell a house that needs a retaining wall, but you are waiting until you get things “fixed up”? Many of the sellers we talk to want to sell, but they have been told that until they make the necessary repairs that they just can’t sell it. This could not be further … Continued

My House Needs Fixed Up in Prairie Village

Do you think “My House Needs Fixed Up in Prairie Village!”  “I Don’t want to Fix It Up!”  “I Need to Sell My House Fast in Prairie Village!” We partnered on a house in Prairie Village Kansas back in 2010 and we made some videos as we went.  These videos really show how we go … Continued