My House Needs Fixed Up in Prairie Village

Do you think “My House Needs Fixed Up in Prairie Village!”  “I Don’t want to Fix It Up!”  “I Need to Sell My House Fast in Prairie Village!” We partnered on a house in Prairie Village Kansas back in 2010 and we made some videos as we went.  These videos really show how we go … Continued
Don takes at look at the Patio Cracks at the Prairie Village Rehab.

Prairie Village Rehab: Patio Cracks

Don Finds Patio Cracks Don took a look at the patio at the back of the house. Well first we had the crew cart off half a dumpster of trash and then he inspected it. He found quite a few cracks. He has three basic choices to make repairs. Go Cheap: Sealing the Cracks This … Continued

Prairie Village Rehab: Inspecting the Roof

Today, Don is Inspecting the Roof We’re still looking at outside issues at the house Don’s rehabbing in Prairie Village.  And boy does the roof have issues We are taking a wild guess that the roof was probably replaced in 1999 when it appears to have last been rehabbed. We are not sure. We can … Continued
Photo the first time we saw this rehab project at 2910 W 73rd Street in Prairie Village.

Watch Our Home Rehab Progress on the Prairie Village House

We will be starting a home rehab in Prairie Village in November.  We will be blogging the rehab that officially started this week with the trash out of the home and the cutting down of trees. We will bring to you: Before The Rehab Photos Below you can thumb through the photos and notes we made when … Continued