We Buy Houses in Kansas City Even When FROZEN Solid

Take a look at this photo above of the house on N Manchester. When the seller called us way back in 2014, the temperature was minus 6 and it had been that cold for a week. There was really a foot of snow on the ground. And all the plumbing in the house was frozen … Continued
Flexible Closing Date for Mom's House

We Bought Tony’s Mom’s House on Ellison

Tony called us about his Mom’s house. His mom was having trouble with mobility. Even with a walker, it was getting harder to get around her house and her stuff. He was helping her get everything in order so she could move to an assisted living community where there was room for her to get … Continued

We Buy Houses Independence

Don had a great house that he and his family loved in Independence. But because of work, they were moving out of the area and needed to sell their home. Moving out of state was a hard process. First, they found a new place to live and his wife and kids moved, leaving him behind … Continued

We Recently Bought a Package of Rental Properties

Not only do we buy houses across the Kansas City metro area, as in individual houses. We also buy multi-family and recently purchased this package of rental properties. We often get calls from sellers who own, occupied, cash-flowing rental property. They want to sell, but they don’t want to clue the renters in on the … Continued
We Buy Houses Kansas City - James's House

We Buy Houses Kansas City: James’ House

Meet James, or rather James’s House on North Wayne. He was ready to sell his house and he was reaching out to a few of the top companies on the internet that say “We Buy Houses Kansas City.” Because we are Certified Buyers and a Top 10 Cash Home Buyer and because of our A+ … Continued

Overland Park Ranch Gets New Life and a New Bathroom

The Overland Park Ranch Rehab We recently purchased this great house in Overland Park near 69th and Antioch.  We’ve been working to update the 3 Bedrooms, the 1 Bathroom, and the Kitchen.  Last week we opened up a wall to make the kitchen more open, we added granite.  It will soon get a fresh coat … Continued