Give Yourself a Summer Vacation – get rid of that house with Code Violations.

Remember that feeling of freedom you used to have when summer rolled around?  Wouldn’t you like to feel like a kid on summer vacation again?  Don’t spend another summer worrying about code violations, rental property registrations, repairs, fines and court costs.  Spend your Kansas City summer the way you used to, relaxing by the pool or maybe on a beach somewhere.

That property (You Know, the One with Code Violations) Is Costing You Money!!

We Can Convert it Into Cash  – FAST!!

We buy houses all over the Kansas City Metro – ESPECIALLY properties that need major repairs.  Whether your property is vacant, has multiple code violations, or is just an unwanted house sitting out there, We’d like to buy it!

And when we buy that property:

  • You’ll stop worrying about how you’ll find the time and money to fix it
  • You’ll stop paying property taxes and writing those huge checks for vacant property insurance.
  • You’ll stop sweating over the city’s demands – and fines- and court appearances.
  • You’ll sleep better at night, knowing that it just isn’t your problem anymore.

Instead of a property that’s costing you money, worry, and energy, you’ll have cash in your pocket and the peace of mind that comes with getting a problem property off your back.

Whatever Your Situation Is, We Can Make It Better!

Our almost 20 years of experience buying real estate in the Kansas City Metro means that we’ve bought properties from owners in just about every imaginable situation.  And while each seller and each deal is a little bit different, we’re betting that we can put together a deal that makes you happy.  For example:

  • If your property is in horrible condition – ugly, smelly, full of a former tenant’s rotting stuff, whatever – we know how to look right past the problems and make you a fair offer anyway.
  • If you inherited the property, and the estate issues just seem to drag on and on and on, We can help you through the process, and be ready with a check when the probate court is finished, maybe even before that if the court will agree.
  • If you have a loved one that’s moved to assisted living or in with you and you just don’t have time to deal with the stuff in the house, we can take the house and all the stuff,
  • If you’ve been getting letter after letter from the city on that problem property, and you have just had enough, give us a call and let us take over the problems.

Make One Simple Call, and
Be Rid of Your Problem Property by This Time Next Month!

Here’s how it works.  You give us a call at 816-800-9044 or submit your property online through our web form.  We will ask you a few questions about the property and the situation.  We will let you know right away if we are interested.  We will then set up an appointment to look at the property, and we can make you an offer right away.  Once we strike a bargain, we buy the property in 30 days or less.  What could be easier?

Don’t End 2021 Where You Started

Trade that energy-draining, money-sucking property for cold, hard cash and some peace of mind.

Call us today, and just kick back and enjoy the rest of your summer.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Scott Tucker

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