Prairie Village Rehab: Remember to Trim the Trees

Donald Tucker Rehab:  Tree Issues in Prairie Village at

At our Prairie Village Rehab House we had a ton of very large trees that hung over the house and could at any time fall on our house OR even worse the neighbor’s house or car or the neighbor.  Take it from someone who has paid $2,000 to get the neighbors car fixed and you will agree, trimming trees is much cheaper.

Why You Need to Trim the Trees

  • Lack of grass due to leaves falling and choking out grass every year and lack of light from the canopy.
  • Tree roots growing into plumbing, foundations, sidewalks
  • With the roots growing into plumbing, foundation, and sidewalks, it causes foundation and drainage issues which can cause problems with the structure of the home  . . .
  • Limbs can fall and cause great damage
  • And when you go to sell the house if it’s a flip, potential buyers just see dollar signs.

Take a watch . . . of this 2010 video above.


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