3 Reasons to Work With kcmoHomeBuyer to Sell Your House vs. a National iBuyer

At kcmoHomeBuyer, we aim to help you earn the highest potential profit on the sale of your home while providing you the convenience of working with a local company that cares about your outcome. There are many reasons why our sellers have preferred a direct sale to us. For some, it was the dread of the prep work and showings. Some were under a time crunch and can’t wait out a listing or the delays of the conventional loan process for their buyers, and others were under significant financial strain and needed a speedy solution.

The Tuckers, here at kcmoHomeBuyer are highly seasoned investors who have helped many Kansas City home sellers find a solution for their problems. 

We are proud of our work. Unlike national iBuyers, our policy at kcmoHomeBuyer is total transparency. For example, we can show you how much you would profit through a traditional listing with a real estate agent vs. our cash offer, which we want you to agree is fair. At kcmoHomeBuyer, we want you to feel good about the deal and working with us long after leaving the closing table. So read on as we explore three reasons to work with us at kcmoHomeBuyer to sell your house in Kansas City vs. a national iBuyer.

Hidden Fees

You can be sure of the offer when you work with kcmoHomeBuyer to sell your house in Kansas City vs. a national iBuyer. When we calculate our offer, we show you everything, and there won’t be any surprise deductions coming off the top at closing; you will see the numbers used to reach our figure for yourself, the exact amount you’ll get. National iBuyers charge fees, sometimes buried in the fine print, that can add up to a large percentage of the offer price, ranging between 6% and 12%. What you won’t pay are any commissions, hidden fees, or closing costs when you work with a direct buyer from kcmoHomeBuyer.

Contingencies and Delays

At kcmoHomeBuyer, our direct buyer will make you an offer for your home in as-is condition for cash. However, national iBuyers may require repairs, pushing back the closing. Yet another reason to work with kcmoHomeBuyer to sell your house in Kansas City vs. a national iBuyer is that we buy homes for cash in as-is condition and provide you with a guaranteed closing date. In addition, there are no contingencies to delay closing. Typically closing is set within weeks, or we can work with you on selecting a better date that might be more convenient for your upcoming move; you set the date.


kcmoHomeBuyer ‘s direct buyers are local investors who know the Kansas City market. To a national iBuyer, your home is just another generic property on an assembly line. To kcmoHomeBuyer, you’re our neighbor, a valued community member, which is a great reason to work with kcmoHomeBuyer to sell your house in Kansas City vs. a national iBuyer. We understand there may be unique aspects of your property that add value, and you may have concerns about the process. Because our focus is on you, the direct buyers at kcmoHomeBuyer stop everything and carefully listen when you speak; you aren’t just another number to us.

Why not find out how selling directly to kcmoHomeBuyer may be the answer you seek. We are happy to answer any of your questions without obligation. At kcmoHomeBuyer, we use straightforward contracts that are easy to understand, and we handle everything from the contract to closing, making the process easy for sellers. We help you step-by-step and never leave you hanging. Contact kcmoHomeBuyer at (816) 408-3600.

Make No Repairs, Sell Your House As-Is Today

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Crystal from Olathe

I’ll be only too happy to refer you to others.

It was great not having to go in and clean up that unholy mess and worry about disposing of everything.  I hope you guys make a good sale on the property, I’ll be only too happy to refer you to others.

– Crystal from Olathe
Kim Tucker

Kim Tucker along with her husband Don and son Scott make up the core kcmoHomeBuyer Team that has been buying homes across the Kansas City Metro since 2000.