3 Reasons Why People Are Choosing to Skip the MLS When Selling a House in Gladstone

Selling a house in Gladstone? Unfortunately, not every home is a good fit for the MLS. If you have a newer house or a recently renovated house where everything is in tip-top shape with modern fixtures and finishes, it is a great candidate for listing for sale with a Realtor. But when you’ve owned the house for 10 years or more and have not made any major updates or improvements, listing on the MLS is not always the best option. Or if you have a house full of stuff and no place to take the stuff, the MLS might not be for you.

Perhaps you’ve had to help a loved one from afar with cleaning out their house and getting repairs made.. It can become stressful for you and time-consuming and costly to travel to help your loved one through the process. Or you have had to entrust your loved one and their house to someone else. Then add in the time a traditional listing process takes to get it marketed, through all the showings, inspections, and appraisals, and MLS might not be the best method to sell, especially if you’re under a time crunch.

Read on as we explore three reasons why people choose to skip the MLS when selling a house in Gladstone. 

No Listing Expenses

One of the main reasons people choose to skip the MLS when selling a house in Gladstone is to save the commissions. That eliminates somewhere between 3 and 8 percent of your purchase price. However, if your only reason for trying a different way of selling your house is to save on the commission, consider that no matter what the house looks like, statistics show that a home that is listed and marketed correctly by a real estate agent will often offset the cost of the commission with a higher sales price. So if your only concern with listing is the commission, think again.

Our sister company Realty Resource can help you list and market your house for sale in Gladstone and the greater Kansas City Metropolitan area. We have had a few sellers that needed more out of their home than we were comfortable offering. We connected them with Realty Resource, they listed their home and even after paying our commission, sold their home for more than we would have paid and sometimes even more than they were asking.

So we will not count this one.

No Showings

Another reason people choose to skip the MLS when selling a house in Gladstone is to avoid the hassles of showings. This is perhaps the reason many sellers call us, they just don’t want to have a bunch of people walking through their house.

Naturally, it would be nice to have at least 24 hours notice before a showing; however, in today’s market, you might be lucky to have a few hours. And when a client suddenly appears from out of town and has limited time, getting them in on minutes notice might make the difference between an offer and no offer.

Plus, the demands of showings can become highly stressful and tiresome. There is the need to keep everything clean. To make everything smell nice, which could mean removing pets for the duration. And having just listed and sold our own home, we got up and left the house at 9 am and didn’t return until after 7 pm, all to make the home available to potential buyers. Sometimes with an elderly person living in the home or for people that work from home, leaving for the entire day every day until the house sells, and at the same time keeping everything clean and smelling nice can be tiresome . . . and expensive as we were eating meals out so we didn’t dirty the kitchen.

If you want to skip not only all those showings but getting ready for them, give us a call. We don’t really care how clean or pretty everything is, we take a walk-through, we make an offer, you accept and we write a contract.

No Getting the House Ready

For some, the thought of getting their home ready to sell can be daunting. All the experts tell us to clean, declutter, organize and declutter. They also talk about fixing, painting, updating and more. But for some, who have lived in a house for 10 years or more, who have filled up every nook and cranny with stuff, getting ready is a huge task. For others that are helping a parent or grandparent sell a home, it can be just about impossible.

Imagine having your own family, job, and life. Then having a parent or grandparent fall ill, and have doctor visits, hospital visits and then move to a community to get assistance. Helping them move, making sure they are settling in, plus the added task of emptying their home and getting it ready to be listed in a traditional manner can be too much. So, they are forever in as soon as we get the house ready we will list it mode and it never happens.

To skip the entire getting the house ready part, we can help with that too. When we buy your house, you take the items you want and leave everything else. Kitchen full of outdated food from 5 years ago, we’ve bought that house. House with 2000 pairs of shoes in the basement, we just bought that last month. Garage full of old tools, and a lot of junk, yep, we’ve bought that. House full of furniture that’s seen it’s better days, check. House full of dog hair and urine soaked floors, been there, done that, and ugg – ripped it all out and started over. Holes in roof – so bit you can see the blue sky around the tree that fell through it. You name it, we’ve probably bought it.

No Wondering When You’ll Close

Knowing the closing date is another reason people choose to skip the MLS when selling a house in Gladstone. When you face month after month of bills and the responsibility to continue making repairs, every day you still own the house depletes your profits further. So while you might get an offer in 30 days or less (that number is getting larger as interest rates increase), expect another 45 to 60 days to get all of the closing process completed: inspections to see what needs to be fixed and then negotiations between what the buyer wants fixed, what you are willing to fix and price adjustments. Once you get past that, if you get past that, you have an appraisal to see if houses in the area are selling at a high enough price to justify the bank lending your buyer the money to buy. Sometimes it does not work out and you have to adjust the price down or go find a new buyer. Then you have to make all those repairs you agreed to make. Then you have to hope the buyer does not lose their job or go spend a bunch of money on credit cards the day before closing and blow up the whole deal.

So for our sellers that want to know a guaranteed closing date, they call us. Because the power of our bank account and our private lenders, we have the needed cash to buy in a few days or weeks, or on the specific date that you set. Often, we purchase houses within a few weeks but let Kim or Scott at kcmoHomeBuyer know what works for you. We are happy to accommodate your objectives, and will set the closing for the most convenient calendar date for your upcoming move. In addition, when you sell directly to us here at kcmoHomeBuyer, you save even more because you’ll pay no commissions either.

It’s evident why so many people choose to skip the MLS when selling a house in Gladstone and work with a direct buyer from kcmoHomeBuyer instead. One of the reasons why we have seen more people testing out the offers from the new iBuyers. But many have found that working with a local family business, offers a more solid offer that is less likely to change. So if you want a solid transaction with the convenience of not having to get the home ready and deal with all the hoops of the traditional listing, give us a call. We can save you a lot of valuable time and money.

In addition, if it turns out that listing your home for sale might be a better option for YOU, we are also licensed agents here in the metro and we can explain those options as well. This gives you two very doable options to get your home sold, with no pressure or obligation so you can make an educated decisiton about what works best for your circumstances.

You’ll know what you’d profit from a listing and the estimated timeline vs. selling directly. So why not find out the difference for yourself today and talk to one of our direct buyers Kim Tucker, Scott Tucker, or Don Tucker at kcmoHomeBuyer about your property? Let us help you overcome any obstacles you may be facing with time or finances, no obligation or pressure whatsoever. Call kcmoHomeBuyer at (816) 408-3600.

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If you want to sell your home, please contact Scott Tucker at kcmoHomeBuyer.com.  My experience with this company was just totally amazing.  Hassle-free no agent fees, costly inspection repairs, no open house days, no never-ending potential buyers who want to deduct this and that from the asking price.  Scott Tucker gave me a very fair price for my home.  Also, after I agreed to a closing date, I needed an extension date and they agreed to my time frame.  Scott Tucker was awesome to work with from start to closing, with no hidden fees.  I am very thankful for contacting this company.  Thanks again from Nadine T.

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