So just what does probate mean?

FAQ #3:  What is Probate?

We talk to quite a few sellers who have inherited a house and want to sell but are stuck at the very beginning of the probate process. Some don’t really know what that means, so today, we are sharing a short YouTube Video we found from Casey Connealy at It is from a few years ago, but the process has not changed.

So what does probate mean?

The probate process in Kansas City is very simple. It does two things and two things only.

It makes sure the creditors get paid.

So if the deceased owes money to someone, for example final expenses, credit card bills, or medical bills, the probate court in Kansas City is going to make sure those creditors get paid.

It makes sure the title of assets gets changed.

Before the passing away, a person has the ability to sign off on documents to change ownership. But once they pass away, they are no longer able to sign off on assets like a house or bank accounts. The probate court offers the process to get that done.

Probate in Kansas City is not necessarily a good or bad thing, it’s just a process that needs to be completed if the deceased didn’t take any steps before death to create a trust to handled their affairs or taken alternative steps to transfer assets before they passed.

We have attempted to create a resource for our followers on our YouTube Channel with several different playlists on probate, inherited homes, estate planning, and eldercare.

I’ll be only too happy to refer you to others.

It was great not having to go in and clean up that unholy mess and worry about disposing of everything.  I hope you guys make a good sale on the property, I’ll be only too happy to refer you to others.

Crystal from Olathe

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