The Seller Wanted to Sell a House on Their TimeLine

Stephanie reached out in the fall of 2017 on her parent’s home.  She and her 4 siblings wanted to a house and in the next few months had us look at the home and make an offer.  But she and the siblings were not ready to sell for a few months.

Some of them moved in and lived there for a while and periodically touched based with Scott at kcmoHomeBuyer.

Over the next few months they worked on cleaning out the house, accepted our purchase offer and still they could not quite get everything cleaned up.  Finaly in August they got the last of the items they wanted out of the home, we all went to closing and they were able to pay the back taxes, pay off the small mortgage and to split the final proceeds.

Now they can move back to Florida, Colorado and their own lives and stop dealing with their parents home.

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