Make a Good Impression: 4 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Winter in Blue Springs

Are you selling a house? If you’re selling in the winter, you’ll want to read this post right away to learn how to make a good impression: 4 ips for selling your home in the winter in Blue Springs to help you increase the likelihood that you’ll sell…

Selling can be a lot of work even at the best of times. There are the hassle and the headache and the effort. But when it comes to the seasons, selling in the winter just adds additional work (especially if you live in an area where there’s a lot of snow or bad winter weather). Luckily in Blue Springs are exactly what you need…

4 Tips For Selling Your Home In The Winter In Missouri

#1. If it Snows . . . .Stay on top of the shoveling

Here in Kansas City, we do need to keep ahead of snow if we do get a snowstorm.  Where we really need to be prepared is ice, we get rain, sleet, and freezing rain, and then we get an icy walk and porch.  Snow and ice can build up. So if it does snow, clear your paths as soon as possible for potential showings and have the ice melt ready to sprinkle across your walks to keep them safe.  Do look for ice melt that will not eat your concrete. Check these walks whenever it’s icky before you go to work and when you are home and get a showing, be sure to double-check the walks are safe.

#2. Keep a mat by the front door

In the summer you may not care if potential buyers walk through your home with their shoes on. But if it rains, sleet, or gets snowy, you may not want their wet shoes, especially if it’s icy and they have icemelt on them.  So keep a mat by the front door so your potential buyers have a place to put their shoes and a little basket of shoe covers or booties.  You can usually find booties for this purpose at your local Home Depot.  And you might also want a bench or chair for them to sit down, you don’t want someone falling in your entryway and breaking a leg as they take off shoes or put them on.

#3. Decorate for a friendly holiday

During the winter season, different cultures have different celebrations. And I know everyone says, why can’t we say Christmas anymore.  Avoid appealing to one holiday tradition while alienating another. Minimize the holiday-specific decorations.  Instead, use traditional colors, wreaths, snowmen, candles (fake ones for safety), and other neutral, family-friendly decorations to make your house feel festive and welcoming to all.

#4. Clear off your best outdoor features

In the summer, we tell you to play up your best outdoor features, a nice deck and patio furniture,  a patio, or a pond.  In the winter, if all your flowers might not be in bloom and our outdoor decorations might be put away.  So first make sure you have some photos of your outdoor features in all their glory showcased somewhere in the house, possibly on an entry table with the listing flyers.  And if you can decorate the patios and if we are unfortunate enough to get a big snow this winter, clear off these features if you can so the buyers can see them.

#5. Be aware of our stinky houses

As we have our houses closed up, remember that some of our smells might turn off a buyer.  Avoid cooking food with really strong off-putting smells.  Don’t smoke in the house, even if the buddies come over for the big game – no cigars anywhere, even in the garage.  And keep the trash in airtight containers and empty often, even if you don’t want to go outside.  Some sellers think they can cover it all up with a bunch of candles, but then the house is overly scented with the candles and buyers wonder what you are covering up.

Selling your house in the winter can be a lot of work. You can use these tips to help you.

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