What’s going on, can I still sell my house in the Kansas City Metro during Quarantine?

Boy has it been a really weird 30 days.

We were going about our business and bam . . . a totally different way of life. And while it appears things may be getting better, we’re still looking at weird for a while longer.

Here at kcmoHomeBuyer.com we kind of took a step back to regroup.  We also manage a community of real estate buyers and sellers in Kansas City, we’ve been focused on helping them figure out what is going on – should they be buying, can our contractors be working in houses how do we work with renters who are struggling with rent, what does all the financial stimulus packages mean and overall trying to help them figure things out.

So, this week we turned back to buying and selling houses and as we were reading some information from our website provider, we learned something we had not thought about.

The company that hosts our website www.kcmoHomeBuyer.com hosts websites for 1000’s of homebuyers across the country and they collect a lot of data.

That data shows that while most traffic to all the home buyer websites slowed down right after the stay at home orders hit, that after a couple of weeks that traffic picked back up. After a couple of weeks of being lost, people who have a house that they want to sell jumped back online and started looking for help. But they are not leaving their information behind like they were before this all happened.

Basically, you might have a house to sell and come to our site to learn more about the Tuckers here at kcmoHomeBuyer, but rather than leaving your info with us or with anyone for that matter like you normally would, you are just moving on.

I think there are three reasons why you might have a house for sale in Kansas City and stop by our site, but not leave your information.

1) You’re not sure if we are buying during the Quarantine. 

I am here to assure you that we are still buying houses.

2) You’re worried that if you sell that you might have to do it in a week to 10 days, which just will not work for you during the LockDown.

Don’t worry, we buy houses on YOUR schedule.  So if you want to sell in 30 days or in a couple of months, we can work with you on it.

3) You”re not too sure about how to show us the house right now, is it safe to have people walking in your house?

We have a lot of tools that allow us to do much of the buying process virtually.  If you have a smartphone you can walk us through the house with some sort of video chat and we can sign papers virtually.  We are also taking precautions to keep everyone safe if we do walk through a house and we would even consider coming to an agreement for a future purchase based on a video walkthrough, just keeping it subject to a physical walkthrough before we close to make sure everything looks the same in person.

We even put together a blog post yesterday to outline some of the steps we are taking, you can read it here.

So yes we are buying houses in the Kansas City metro, We can buy it as is so you don’t have to make any repairs. And we can do it on your time frame. So if you are thinking about selling a house in the Kansas City Metro, drop by our website and tell us about it. We can then chat with you on the phone and figure out if it might be a good fit and figure out a way to proceed to keep everyone safe.



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