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We Buy Houses for Cash in Kansas City. We are the “We Buy Houses” Cash buyers who have the funds to make you a solid offer RIGHT NOW! We cut through all the hassle by eliminating all the third parties, such as banks, lenders, inspectors, wholesalers, and even real estate agents. We buy the property directly from you. This means, no commissions, no fees, fewer costs, and a much faster closing for you.

Experienced Home Buyers

We’ve been buying houses since 2000. We have purchased a lot of houses and we are constantly trying to make them better. We share just a few of the homes we buy on our blog so our past home sellers can see what happened with their houses and so future home sellers can see what we can do.

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How the Process Works

Our home buying process is very low hassle. You fill in a form that gives us the basics: name, address, contact, and a bit of info about your situation. We will then review that info, give you a call for a quick chat, and set up a time for us to meet you at the property. We take a walk-through, crunch our numbers and present you with a written offer.

We will receive your no-obligation all-cash offer that same day, usually within 30 minutes to an hour after we are done with our walkthrough.

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What are the Best Options to Sell My House?

When it comes to selling hour houses you do have several options. Sell It with a Real Estate Agent through a Traditional Listing. Sell It Yourself For Sale By Owner. Or Sell it for Cash to a Cash Home Buyer. It is very important that you make the best choice when selling your house.

Which one is best? Well, that really depends on Your Situation and Your Needs.

#1: Selling With A Real Estate Agent

Generally, when it comes time to sell a house, most people think about listing their house with an agent.

If you have a perfect house and a perfect timeline that fits with the listing model, then great.

But think about that traditional model.

The Perfect House

If your house is a bit rough around the edges, needs any kind of repair, is dated, or the house next door is really scary, then you don’t have the perfect house and the real estate agent is going to ask you to make repairs where needed or tell you to adjust your price down to compensate.

The Perfect Timeline

This means you have the time to make repairs and get the house ready to sell. You have time to allow the agent to market the house and let buyers walk through it. You have time to negotiate a contract. You have time for inspections. You have time and the ability to make buyer-requested repairs.

If you have both the Perfect House and the Perfect Time then hiring an agent to represent you when selling a house, paying them a commission to find you a buyer and manage the process might be right for you.

But Consider We Buy Houses and We Are Cash Buyers!

We have great seller reviews plus . . .

  • We are a home buyer that has cash.
  • As home buyers, we don’t need to go find financing or get approved for a loan.
  • We can and will buy your house at an agreed-upon price.
  • We can close on your timeline from as little as 10 days to any date of your choice.
  • We specialize in houses that are not perfect (We always buy as-is)
  • We are a home buyer that can pay YOUR closing costs.
  • And as home buyers, we never ask you to make any repairs or even clean.

So, if you have the perfect house and the perfect timeline, an agent just might be the best way to go. But if you don’t want to make repairs, clean up & stage the house, spruce up the landscape, or deal with signs in your yard or people walking through your house, an agent might not be your best option.

#2: Selling Your House For Sale by Owner

Also known as FSBO, Selling Your House Yourself, For Sale by Owner is another option. This will definitely save you a ton of money in real estate commissions. But where do you start, what do you need to do and will it really save you all that money?

You Become the Real Estate Agent

You basically have to do all the fixing, cleaning, repairing, and staging as you would with a traditional listing, then you have to take over the real estate agent’s job of marketing the house for sale. You have to decide who to let into your house, make sure they have the qualifications to buy your home, and are not out to scam you.

Do You Really Save All That Money

There is a reason why we list all our properties for sale with a Realtor – the person who is ready willing and able to buy a house generally hires a real estate agent to help them buy a house. So if you are selling FSBO, one key tip we can offer is to let agents show the house for sale and offer to pay them a commission. That commission can be 2 to 3 % of the listing, less than you would pay to list the home, but without the added benefit of getting your home in front of all the agents, so you have less competition that generally results in a lower price.


If you are thinking about selling your house yourself, but need a bit of help figuring out the market value of your house, we can help. Free of Charge. As Licensed Realtors ourselves, we would be happy to help.

#3: Sell to a “We Buy Houses” Cash Home Buyer

About Kim Tucker and Don Tucker Kansas City Area Home Buyers - this is their photo.

Call Don & Kim – We Buy Houses Cash

When you choose the “We Buy Houses” for Cash model, generally the process is easy, low hassle, and fast. You don’t need an agent to find you a buyer or to manage countless people walking through your house, you don’t need to make repairs or even clean. You call us, we walk through, we make an offer. Once you accept, we close in cash, on the date of your choice.

It Really Is That Simple

We are a no-hassle house-buying company. We pay cash for houses in Kansas City. If you need to sell your house, we are serious about buying it. We have no “inspections.” You make “no repairs.” And there are “no commissions.

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