FREE Guide: Learn What to Do With an Inherited Home in the Kansas City Metro Area.

Should you Sell It, Rent it or Live In It!


PLUS: What Probate and Holding Issues as well as The For Different Ways to Sell an Inherited Home

Whether you are dealing with an inherited home there are many issue you don’t often think about.
Some of these items could be key to keeping more money in the estate for the heirs.

There are 3 HUGE items many forget about when the home goes vacant,  such as:

  1. Insuring a Vacant Property
  2. Utilities when no one Lives There.
  3. Keeping the Yard Mowed and the Sidewalks Cleared.

Then should you sell it or should you rent it out or maybe live in the property.

Next, when would it be better to sell it “As Is” and when might you want to fix up the property.

And, when you go to sell it should you sell it through a Realtor, Sell it to a local Kansas City Metro Home Buyer, or maybe do something else?

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If you have an inherited property… this guide walks you through the things you need to know to make informed decisions and includes a few bonus resources for you.

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It was very nice of you to send the pictures of our family home after the remodeling process. When my mother passed away and my brother, sister and I were confronted with trying to sell the home with a real estate agent or sell the home to you it was a difficult decision. With my sister living in Arizona, me in Alaska and my brother the only local resident to manage the affairs it was decided to sell the property to your company. This was the best decision we could have possibly made. Thank you for your professionalism and patience during the difficult times that our family faced. The home looks beautiful and I wish that I did not live so far away and could come take a look at it in person

Words cannot express how Kim’s hard work has affected my family. After a death in my family I was left with a home out of state that had been abandoned and no banks would even claim the loan! Kim helped me figure out how to determine ownership, what to do about the taxes, and how to clear up the loan status so the property could be sold. She helped me through the process every step of the way, despite my frazzled mindset after losing a loved one. There is no one better, she’s simply the best!

Andrea Adkins – Heir & Home Seller